A free access home page with the last x members’ posters;

Various pages in free access (contact, legal notice …);

A login page;

A home page specific to each member connected with the attributes of a dating site (selected portraits, new registered members, birthdays of the day, modify my profile, search, private messaging …);

Site “responsive” for use on smartphones and tablets.

Desired functions:

Private messaging between members;

Private chat between connected members;

Chat with webcam;

Connect with a Facebook account;

Laying photos from a Facebook account;

Sending a smile to a member;

Display of the number of visits, smile, contact request received by a member and referral to the relevant cards;

Quick search (country, age group);

Detailed search (profile, photo, region …);

Proximity search with photo on GoogleMap;

Reporting of doubtful members by other members;

Black list;

Sophisticated and modifiable multilingual profile system with many questions and proposals;